Orbit GT releases major update of 3D Mapping Cloud

Orbit GT Orbit GT releases major update of 3D Mapping Cloud

Orbit GT releases a major update of it’s game-changing SaaS product 3D Mapping Cloud.

“3D Mapping Cloud is no doubt the most powerful a versatile online platform for large 3D resources,”, says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. “Today we launch another update with a series if innovations and improved functionalities, empowering Oblique Imagery, UAV Mapping, Indoor and Terrestrial Scanning and street level Mobile Mapping multi-sensor content to be stored, organized, and shared amongst colleagues, contractors and customers in the most flexible way.”

Update highlights :

– Introduction of Resource Groups.  Now make a virtual resource based on a set of smaller units and share in one go.
– Attribute Measurements before download
– Full power point cloud colorization to set out details much better than ever before.
– Support multiple Data Centers (Any Azure Data Center can now be ‘switched on’ upon request.
– Viewer now uses full webpage
– New Viewer Catalog layout
– Set Unit preference
– Manage basemaps for Publications
– Delete a Resource form the Console
– Many tweaks and fixes


In the image : Making multiple measurements with attributes, ready to download.


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