Orbit 3D Mapping Portfolio

A complete software suite to Manage, Analyze and Share Reality Data.

With Orbit 3DM solutions, efficiently manage, analyze, and share massive amounts of reality data of any size from any system, including point cloud, imagery,
textured mesh, and traditional GIS resources, for use with reality modeling and digital twins.

Engineers, geospatial professionals, and infrastructure owner-operators can address current project needs for increasingly accurate, versatile, manageable, and embedded use of digital twins with 4D surveying facilitated by Orbit3DMsolutions.

Orbit 3DM Manage And Extract

Manage data after capture and before extraction or publishing

  • Organize & manage, catalog & archive
  • Merge 3D data from any vendor, any system, any time
  • Supports all today-developed indoor mapping systems
  • Improve your data by point cloud cleaning or thinking
  • Deliver ready-made projects for desktop extraction jobs
  • Upload to share online or integrate into the customer’s workflow
  • Professional Oblique Mapping unit

Advanced desktop platform for Feature Extraction

  • An advanced desktop platform for Feature Extraction
  • From basic to high-level feature extraction
  • Update GIS/CAD content, produce 3D maps
  • Desktop seat for manual, semi- or automated processing work
  • Client-server configuration available for production teams
  • Measure point, line, distance, area, or volume
  • Use the advanced image-point cloud measurement
  • Create floor plans and inventories of all assets
  • Access to any GIS data content & register any object into GIS data formats

Orbit 3DM Publisher and 3DM Cloud

Publish and Consume

  • Supports all imagery and unlimited-size point clouds
  • Share on the web, and mobile devices, and integrate using SDK
  • Define user credentials, multiple publications, server pool
  • Access published mobile mapping data within 3rd party workflow
  • Plugin examples available for QGIS, AutoCAD Map, ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcONLINE, GeoCortex, API
  • Measure, overlay, and extract from imagery & point cloud

On-premises solution

  • Publish all mapping content online from your local server

Cloud-based solution

  • SaaS-based solution for storing and sharing


Import any Data

However mapping data (outdoor, indoor, underground, or aerial) is collected and produced, with or without imagery either panoramic or planar, with or without a point cloud either LiDAR or via dense matching processing, Orbit supports all. Optionally add DEM, DSM, LiDAR point cloud, and orthophoto.

Orbit comes with an easy-to-use procedure to import processed imagery and point cloud data. Clean up artifacts, geo-reference, control positional accuracy, consolidate, and deliver. Intelligent thinning, selection, and cleaning processes can be executed to optimize the point cloud.

Bundled with a powerful GIS engine, the software allows visualization of the captured data (imagery and point cloud) and combines it with reference data. Any supported geodata file or web-based resource can be combined with the reality data and overlaid on the Map in 2D or 3D.

Orbit optimizes all 3D mapping data:

  • Mobile Mobile
  • Oblique
  • Indoor
  • Terrestrial, etc.

Manage and access terabytes at ease

Manage all single runs and bundle them into manageable projects.
Manage your content, extract, and process, and open your historical and recently collected 3D data to anyone within or outside the company, all within one platform. Maximize your efforts and let the data do the work.
Orbit optimizes all 3D data for performance. Roam through terabytes of point clouds and imagery easily and combine indoor and outdoor, vector and raster, images and point cloud. Limitless. Easy. Fast.

Analyze and extract assets

Using advanced point cloud measure techniques 3D data can be extracted to feed into any GIS or CAD. Additionally, measurements can be don using a DEM, mesh, or by triangulation. Measurements include point, height, distance, multi-line, area, and volume.

Orbit’s intelligent Feature Extraction solutions provide manual, semi-, and automated measurements, overlays, asset inventory workflows, clash detection, profiles and cross sections, slice viewing, volumetric analysis, and advanced reporting tools. Blurring of faces and plates including QC to comply with privacy legislation.

Based on the captured data, the advanced ‘floor plan builder’ will guide you to produce fast & accurate the required plans on every level. Export or cloud upload for GIS/CAD is supported.

Publish to the web and mobile devices

Orbit 3DM Publisher and 3DM Cloud provide the tools to publish 3D mapping data and extracted assets online. View, share, and analyze your mapping resources from any web browser, app, or 3rd party software plugin.

Embed and integrate into any host

Orbit’s publishing SDKs and APIs allow anyone to access mapping content from within their workflow, business intelligence tools, or any host such as your favorite GIS or CAD system e.g. ArcGIS, ArcOnline, AutoCAD, QGIS, MicroStation, and more.


Mobile Mapping

Manage and optimize your mobile mapping data after capture using the powerful 3DM Content Manager. Auto produce & update assets faster and richer than ever before based on the 3DM Feature Extraction portfolio. Install the 3DM Publisher on-premises or activate your profile on 3dmapping.cloud to share mobile mapping projects over the internet, embed in corporate software, or to make them available via mobile devices.

Aerial and Oblique Mapping

Orbit’s Oblique portfolio is the most complete on the market. Orbit Oblique supports all camera systems which makes it vendor-neutral, a required new and open approach to the use of oblique data.
Furthermore, it blends seamlessly with other 3D data, such as street-level Mobile Mapping or Drone based content.

UAS and Drone Mapping

Orbit’s 3D Mapping solution is a series of impressive software solutions for all professional UAV users engaged in 3D mapping. Based on years of experience in high-precision UAS mapping, these products cover the complete UAS workflow. From fundamental data management after image processing, over advanced feature extraction combining images & point clouds, up to online publishing of all produced 3D mapping data in the customer’s workflow.

Indoor Mapping

Use the powerful Orbit 3D Mapping solutions to produce, update indoor content, and share the 3D indoor data faster and more effective than ever before. Orbit’s 3D Mapping solution is the most forward-looking on the market and supports all currently developed indoor mapping systems.

Documentation, Support & Success Services

The online Knowledge Base contains comprehensive reference documentation of all Orbit GT products, documentation on technical issues, and basic tutorials.

Hotline support is free of charge when having active Orbit maintenance or Bentley Select contract.
Please create your support ticket via the Service Request Portal. This community page describes how to create a Service Request.

It is our most important goal to make our users successful.
Our Success Services are intended to provide ample instruments to achieve this goal. User Success Consultants can help improve your business efficiency using their vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the Orbit GT portfolio and the countless real-life implementations. On-demand service actions are paid, feel free to request a quote from our Sales Team.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Having maintenance allows you to download and install upgrades released within your maintenance period.
The purchase of a subscription on our SaaS platform 3DM Cloud includes all upgrades to the platform as long as your subscription is active.

To verify the active licenses and maintenance periods you can go to the My Orbit GT Portal.
For more details, please consult the MSA (Master Service Agreement) or contact our Sales Team.

Orbit GT acquired by Bentley Systems

When we started the Orbit GT 3D Mapping initiative some 10 years ago, we looked ahead to the immense potential that 3D reality capture would offer to the world.  We strongly believed that this was the way forward and that it would disrupt the way we look at surveying, mapmaking, asset and public space management, engineering and construction, and so many more domains of human activity.

With a small team but strongly aware of our now 55+ years background in photogrammetry, mapmaking and GIS, we were determined to establish a world network of representation and win customers across the globe.  Today we are very proud of what we have achieved, with over 500 organizations using our technology.

Today, I am excited to announce that on October 18th 2019, Orbit GT signed an agreement to become part of Bentley Systems.  Orbit GT will join Bentley’s new Digital Cities business unit led by Mr Robert Mankowski, which is a perfect place for our team and technology to continue our work and engage in even larger challenges that the future world will bring to us.

This strategic step forward will allow for broader and stronger products to be provided to our users in the 3D Mapping space, in either industry.  By joining global modeling business leader Bentley Systems, our customers will benefit from the synergy that arises from blending technologies, enhancing interoperability, increasing productivity and offering a higher return on investment.

As we enter a new chapter,  I am fully engaged to further lead my talented team in providing the best service and solutions to you, our valued customers and partners.

We are grateful for the trust you put in Orbit GT, and we remain committed to help you do well from within Bentley Systems !

Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT.