3DM Content Manager

The 3DM Content Manager is the must-have for any data collection professional.  3DM Content Manager provides management, optimization, and delivery of any 3D Mapping content.

3D Mapping Content, however, collected, is massive.  3DM Content Manager feels at home with the terabytes of data, imagery, and point clouds alike.  But also metadata is part of managing your content.

3DM Content Manager’s heart is the Catalog, providing direct access to all and every dataset ever collected.  3DM Content Manager allows to process & optimize, check double passes or missing parts, thin out the point cloud, correct positional accuracy, erase moving objects, blur faces and license plates, and much more.  Finally, deliver a nice and clear dataset containing point cloud, imagery, and metadata alike, to be used downstream on desktop or online.

3DM Feature Extraction

3DM Feature Extraction comes in a few flavors: Basic, Standard, and Team (Client/Server). The difference is in measurement and extraction automation and in specific team functionalities.

Feature Extraction or Modelling summarizes a range of tools to exploit 3D Mapping content: from simple measurement to analysis and automated object detection.  The Basic version includes all non-automated measurement tools, allowing us to store each measurement in a layer or feature list.  It also includes a variety of easy-to-use analysis tools. The Standard version adds an Asset Inventory workflow (with snapshots and documentation) and many automated measurement tools, as well as dynamically accessible autodetection tools.  The Team version is ideal to deploy for multiple users sharing a central Asset Inventory database.

3DM Publisher

The popular 3DM Publisher is an on-premise solution to share 3D Mapping content online.  Using a Console, one combines any 3D Mapping content, a base map, and vector data, to set up a Publication.

This Publication can then be accessed by the browser, with or without login requirements, allowing the user to access the 3D content, images, and point cloud alike, fully transparent, and easy to use.

Depending on the permissions set, the user can look up, perform measurements, annotate, and share via URL or snapshot.  Publications can also be addressed from the SDK, allowing 3D data to be accessed directly within the user’s preferred workflow and host software system.

3DM Cloud

3DM Cloud is Orbit GT’s solution to host all of your 3D Mapping content in the cloud, and have fast and dynamic access to all of your data.  The extensive capabilities to manage your resources, bundle, tag, organize and share them, is unique in the business.

3DM Cloud comes with a Console to manage Resources, Users and Teams, and your Admin.  Sharing is one of the most important capabilities and 3DM Cloud offers several ways to do so, offering many choices for your business.

The 3DM Cloud viewer is identical to the 3DM Publisher’s viewer, making the user experience transparent whether accessing the on-prem or cloud-based content. Combining 3D views of unlimited size point clouds, street-level, drone, and aerial imagery, as well as meshes, cad/gis data and 3D models. The 3DM Viewer embraces all 3D Mapping content right accessible from your fingertips.

Using a subscription model, 3DM Cloud is the ideal tool for small as well as large organizations.

SDK & Plugins

The 3DM Viewer SDK provides equal viewing capabilities as the 3DM Viewer used by the 3DM Cloud and 3DM Publisher.  This SDK shrinkwraps the viewer in a .Net, JS or Python API, making it ready for embedding in any host application.

Orbit GT provides such plugins for a number of popular GIS hosts, such as Esri Arc Online, Esri ArcMap, Esri ArcPro, QGIS, Microstation / Bentley Map, and AutoCAD Map.

The SDK and its APIs are free, and Orbit GT’s plugin implementations are open source.   This SDK enables the usage of complex 3D content in any workflow.

Success Services

To ensure a successful implementation, Orbit GT offers a range of Professional Services.  For Orbit GT, your success is key.  Depending on your needs and level of expertise, Orbit GT provides product Training and Implementation, Start-up Assistance, up to Project Management.