Manage and share 3D mapping data

Mobile, Oblique, Indoor, UAS, Terrestrial

Manage company-wide 3D mapping data (point cloud & imagery) using the powerful 3DM Content Manager. Organize and optimize all data before pushing it for further production or sharing within or outside the organization. Auto produce & update content faster and richer than ever before using Orbit’s Feature Extraction portfolio. Use the 3DM Publisher or 3D Mapping Cloud solution to share over the internet, embed in your corporate software, and deliver to mobile devices.

limitless imagery, point cloud, 3D data

However 3D data is collected (outdoor, indoor, underground or aerial), Orbit supports all. Manage clearly all imagery and point cloud data and bundle individual 3D data into manageable projects. Clean up artefacts, geo-reference, control positional accuracy, consolidate and deliver.

produce, extract and share

Manage your content, extract and process, and open your historical and recently collected 3D data to anyone within or outside the company, all within one platform. Maximize your efforts and give your 3D mapping data a second life.

publish to the web and mobile devices

Orbit’s 3D Mapping portfolio provides the tools to publish 3D Mapping content and extracted features & assets online, either via or on-premises. View, Share and Analyse your 3D Mapping resources from any webbrowser, app, or 3rd party software plugin.

navigate terabytes at ease

Orbit optimizes all data for performance. Roam through terabytes of point cloud easily and combine with imagery and your own vector and raster data. Limitless. Easy. Fast.

measure, overlay, extract, asset modeling, profiles, volumes, slices, reporting

Orbit’s intelligent Feature Extraction solutions provide manual, semi-, and automated measurements, overlays, asset inventory workflows, clash detection, profiles and cross sections, slice viewing, volumetric analysis, and a interesting reporting tool.

embed and integrate in any host

Orbit’s publishing SDKs and APIs allow anyone to access 3D mapping content from within their workflow, business intelligence tools, or any host such as your favorite GIS or CAD system e.g. ArcGIS, ArcOnline, AutoCAD, QGIS, MicroStation and more.

3D mapping products

3DM Content Manager

Manage your data after capture

Organize and manage, catalog and archive

Merge 3D data from any vendor, any system, any time

Deliver ready-made projects for desktop extraction jobs

Upload to share online or integrate in the corporate workflow

3DM Feature Extraction

Asset modeling

From basic to high-level feature extraction

Update GIS/CAD content faster than ever before

Desktop seat for manual, semi- or automated processing work

Client-server configuration available for production teams

3DM Publisher

On-premises solution

Publish all mobile mapping content online from your local server

Supports all imagery and unlimited size point clouds

Define user credentials, multiple publications, server pool

Share on the web, mobile devices, and integrate using SDK


3DM Mapping Cloud

Cloud-based solution

Store & publish all mobile mapping content online

SaaS-based sharing solution

Supports all imagery and unlimited size point clouds

Share on the web, mobile devices, and integrate using SDK

3DM Plugin for 3rd Party

QGIS, AutoCAD Map, ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcONLINE, GeoCortex, API

Access published mobile mapping data within 3rd party workflow

Measure, overlay and extract from imagery & point cloud