Telco & Utilities

Telecommunications and other utilities benefit greatly from 3D Mapping.  It is beyond doubt that the ROI for Telco operators is high when properly implementing the usage of 3D Reality content in their workflows.

3D Representation of Reality can be applied from design up to work orders and customer support.  In today’s Telco challenges, such as Fiber to the X and 5G, the access to 3D Reality representation in the design and operations offices.  3D Mapping is also a key enabler in creating, maintaining and accessing network inventory assets, such as poles, wires, cabinets, masts, and even underground networks.

Orbit GT’s offerings cover the broad requirements to put 3D content to work and generate measurable ROI.  Reports testify of gains on First-Time-Right from 20% to 80%.

Smart Cities & Government

Being Smart means being informed.  As 90% of Smart Cities and Governments work involves a location, having access to a geospatial digital twin is key.  In today’s work, this means having a digital twin in 3D.  As Orbit GT tends to put it :

There’s no Smart City without Smart 3D Mapping™

Orbit GT’s offering helps to collect and manage the vast 3D content, integrates all types of 3D Reality Capture, blends in updates, and brings citywide content accessible within every co-worker’s workflow.

Road & Rail Transportation

Transportation Authorities have massive profits from a 3D Reality representation of their networks.  Countless applications benefit from this data :

  • Asset Inventories
  • Poles, Lights, Traffic Signs
  • Road Markings, Safety Guides
  • Curbs, Borders, Pavement separation, ADA ramps and more
  • Street furniture
  • Road Pavement conditions
  • Bridge Clearances
  • and much more

Orbit GT’s offering includes the management of vast 3D content, direct access and integration in operational workflows, extraction and measurement capabilities, automatic asset and object detection and much, much more.

Construction & Surveying

In Construction and Surveying, the usage of 3D data capture has been implemented for some years.  Today the coming of age of mass data collection systems change the business even further.

From data collection to data deployment, Orbit GT’s offering is quite unique in the market.  Tools to qualify, improve, clean and deliver 3D content are a standard part of the Content Manager product, the ultimate product for a 3D Data Collection operator.  Feature Extraction tools enhance the survey work, adding teamwork, automation, and QA/QC processes to the mix.  Finally, results can be posted online for instant communication with the customer.

Asset Inventory

One recurring item for each industry is Asset Management.  Orbit GT’s offering includes many tools to optimize the creation and maintenance of an Asset Inventory, including the autodetection of objects, the registration of an image snapshot, direct search and visual access, and documentation.  The autodetection portfolio is constantly upgraded with new and improved algorithms to speed up asset detection.