3D Mapping as ultimate tool for Asset inventory

Since late years 2000, Orbit GT’s Asset Inventory management solution has been on the foreplan of early adopters of Mobile Mapping. Today in Mobile Mapping, creating asset inventories still is one of the most frequent tasks.  And Orbit GT’s tools have evolved accordingly for over a decade.

3D Mapping is by far become the standard way to go and collect assets.  Mobile Mapping especially focusses on the street-side assets that are most numerous to collect. Just think about all the poles, traffic signs, and other roadside elements of which the owners hardly have any record. And there are many other examples to mention.  In all cases, 3D Mapping today is a no-brainer for asset inventory creation.

Getting it operational

Orbit GT’s Asset Inventory tools provide a broad range of options to tune to everyone’s needs.  Our Professional Services help you to configure and finetune the setup.

To create or update asset inventories, Orbit GT’s portfolio offers a range of Feature Extraction tools :

  • Feature Extraction Basic
  • Feature Extraction Standard
  • Feature Extraction Pro

Whereas entry-level Basic version allows every type of asset to be manually extraction from the 3D Mapping data, Standard provides managed workflows, team organization, a central database, and QC procedures.  It also includes a wide range of automated feature extractions.  Pro adds capabilities to automate object detection which runs best on qualified content.

Asset Inventory workflows allow operators to identify and extract assets very quickly, and attribute them at once.  Attributes can be filled automatically using formulas that derive a value form the measurement, e.g adding the hight of a tree when measuring the trunk. All great stuff that’s part of the product at no extra cost.

Return on Investment

Whether you’re a contractor, entrepreneur or a city council, ROI is an important element for any project. Here’s where Orbit GT’s solutions score best.

Feature Extraction workflows automate parts of the job, take a snapshot automatically, and store data centrally for further usage.  This is one important step, yet a part of a larger workflow.

It’s extreme user-friendliness, a low threshold learning curve, and moderate pricing guarantee high profitability for any project.  Smooth integrations with sharing of the results through 3DM Publisher or 3D Mapping Cloud, ensure your customer retention.

Orbit GT looks beyond the Asset Inventory work.  Progress can be reported, shared online, making you stand out between your competitors.  Having the capability to share your work instantly through a 3DM Publisher or 3D Mapping Cloud, will mindblow your customer and create a unique customer retention advantage to your business.  Here, ROI goes way beyond the cost of software for a single project, but embraces the full customer experience as well.

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