Talent Empowerment

Starting any 3D Mapping project requires much more than just the purchase of a nice piece of software.  Years of experience across the globe have proven that training and assistance is as important as the choice of a software tool.

At Orbit GT, we wish to assist every user, operator and manager to exploit and work with 3D content as good as possible.  We’ve worked out a range of Success Services to ensure that any endeavor you undertake will become a success.

Professional Services

Orbit GT engages in professional services to help manage your projects.  We assist in project setup and configurations, provide advice on how to set up a production unit and optimize your workflow, and bring on ideas to use your valuable 3D content in new applications.  Our services are flexible and versatile at the same time, adapted to the specific needs of your project.

Professional Services range from set up assistance, workflow design, and deployment, up to the managerial organization. We wish to bring all our experience to your project to ensure the best possible result.

Product Training

Every software solution requires proper training.  Orbit GT offers general and specialized training for its full portfolio, tuned to customer needs.

Basic training includes the usage of software and hands-on exercises.  Advanced training provides insight on how to optimize your workflow using all tools and instruments available in the software package, many of which cannot be addressed during a basic training session.

Sessions can be set up to address autodetection challenges, delivery organization, publication tuning, sharing and monitoring, and much more.  Upon request, dedicated training can be organized focussing on specific items, adapted to your needs.

Start-Up Assistance

Project-based endeavors need proper think through before starting.  Orbit GT helps in setting up a workflow, and configurations adapted to the specific needs of your project.  Good Start-Up Assistance means you can start quicker and reduces the risk of workflow adjustments during the project.

Project Management

Every project is different.  We have experience and know-how.  And know all ins and outs of the software.  Orbit GT’s Project Management can cover every aspect of a project, with a focus on what our software can do to better perform and streamline your workflow.


Every 3D Mapping project, be it data collection, feature extraction, or an online sharing project, requires the design of architecture and choice of tools and products.

Orbit GT helps to make the right choices from day one to ensure you start off in the most efficient way.  We use our experience and insight in a broad variety of cases to bring the best solution upon your desk.


The success of a 3D Mapping project may include the integration in 3rd party workflows and applications.  Our 3D Mapping Viewer and its SDK are specially made to meet those requirements.

Orbit GT provides off-the-shelf integrations in the most used geospatial software.  Partners have developed other integrations.  The SDK is free and available for anyone to develop a perfect integration in the systems you are using.  With this service, Orbit GT wishes to ensure that your 3D Mapping project and architecture are used throughout the organization and reach a broader user base.

Technical Services

Technical Services is the backbone of every project.  Our team of specialists is available for assistance in configuration and tuning of the optimal setup, and insightful advice.

As 3D Mapping is by default a challenge of working with extreme volumes of data, Orbit GT’s product portfolio is especially well equipped to handle this challenge with ease.  Use our knowledge and experience to get kickstarted right away.

Quick Guide to Support

Need some quick info on how we organize software maintenance, remote support or trainings?