Privacy Policy

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies NV does not keep record of private information of any customer, except the information requested at login (for product downloads and in relation to access to reserved subdomains and pages). That information is only used for internal purposes and will not be communicated with third parties in any way.

On-Line payment information is not stored in a database or in any other storage way, but is processed immediately for a single determined purpose (acquiring of a product) over secured connections. Customers credit card information is not registered by Orbit GT.  The Payment Service Provider (external to Orbit GT) may retain that information in case automated and recurrent payments are required – that retention is subject to their conditions and privacy policy.

This site does not collect personal data unless those voluntary entered on this site. By entering personal data, by either entering a user profile, ordering products, sending email or other, a website visitor explicitly allows Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies NV to use this data, collect and store it, and use it for purposes such as customer relation management, account management, market research and others. The collected information will not be passed to a third party unless this third party is under contract with Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies NV in relation to the Orbit GT activities. Website visitors can alter their profile at any time.

By using this website the user explicitly agrees with these terms.

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