How do Orbit Desktop and Server licenses work ?

  • Each Orbit GT desktop or server software requires a License to operate. Licenses are managed online, so your computer needs to connect to the internet.
  • As Licenses are managed online, they are by default concurrent and not bound to your hardware.  You may thus close the application on one machine, and restart the application with the same License on another machine right after.  Allow the License Server a bit of time to get updated.
  • Note : Your Orbit software regularly connects to the License Server.  Keep your computer online to keep your software running.

How to Activate your License ?

  • Upon installation, the software will ask for an Activation Key.  If you don’t have one, request it via the button on your application’s license window.
  • Enter and apply the Activation Key.  The software will connect to the central Orbit GT License Server to obtain the software permissions according to your purchase.
  • You’re all set to go.

Check our knowledge base for details on the licensing procedure.

How to Manage your Licenses ?

  • Orbit GT manages Licenses per Organisation (Company, Government Body, and alike).
  • In each Organisation, at least 1 person has the rights to manage the organisation’s Licenses.
  • If you are that person,  you can manage your Organisation’s Licenses on

About Trial Licenses

For some products, a trial license is available.  Trail versions have generally the same functionalities as the full versions except a few restrictions :

  • a limit in time, generally 21 days,
  • and a limit on amount of launches (whichever expires first)
  • plus various limitations on capabilities and functionalities, such as volume of data managed, exported, printed, processed, etc…, depending on the product.

The trail versions provide no rights for support, though our team will be pleased to assist to get you a good trial experience.
Trial periods need to be addressed as a evaluation period, in which the customer chooses to purchase or not.  Extension of the trial periods,  the transfer, multiple or repeated use of trial periods are not permitted.

Warning : Unlicensed copies are illegal and may be subject to prosecution.

About Licensing for 3D Mapping Cloud

3D Mapping Cloud is a SaaS based product. The usage of the product is hence depending on the subscription you’ve engaged for.  Read more on