The Orbit GT Customer Success program provides access to the Knowledge Base, email support, dedicated webinars, training session in our offices or onsite and a range of Success Services.

All on-demand service actions are subject to Service Tickets, except for the access to the free Knowledge Base which contains comprehensive documentation of all Orbit GT products, as well as documentation on technical issues and solutions. Please consult the Knowledge Base before sending us an email.

The Customer Success Team is at your service during office hours.

Service Tickets

What are Service Tickets ?

Service Tickets are the means to pay for any of Orbit GT Customer Success services.

In general, Services Tickets need to be purchased upfront to any service action.  You may obtain a budget of free Service Tickets upon purchase of select products or training services.

How do I use Service Tickets ?

Every service action is paid for via Service Tickets as long as your Budget allows.

  • Each request posted to the Orbit GT Customer Success team, either by phone, email (customer dot success at orbitgt dot com) or other means is processed as Service Tickets.
  • The Startup Support contains 4 free Service Tickets associated with a first product purchase, access to online documentation as long as valid licenses are in place. (for select products only, not applicable to
  • Supplementary Service Tickets can be obtained by a Service Ticket purchase or via select Success Services.
  • Service Tickets need to be purchased before requesting the service.

Online Support tool

To allow our Customer Success team access to your installation, please download the Online Support tool below when requested by a member of our team.

What's included when I buy a software product ?

Purchase of a Desktop or Server product includes 1 year Maintenance & Startup Support.

  • Startup Support includes free access to the Online Knowledge Base and in case of a first Orbit product purchase 4 free Service Tickets, which you can use for your requests.
  • Maintenance means the availability to download and install newer versions of the software released within the Maintenance period.

Purchase of a SaaS product includes upgrades as long as your SaaS subscription lasts.  IT does not include any Customer Success services or Service Tickets.

All further service actions are managed through the purchase of Service Tickets.

Product Training

Orbit GT provides an on-demand training service on site or at the Orbit GT offices. Training fees are to be paid by purchased Service Tickets.  Send a request to your Orbit GT Representative for an offer.

  • Training on-site allows up to 6 trainees, up to 10 present. Customer must provide proper IT, laptops and training infrastructure.
  • Training at Orbit GT Office allows up to 4 trainees. Orbit GT provides IT and training infrastructure, trainees are requested to bring their own qualified laptop (BYOD).
  • Training fees exclude cost of travel, stay, optional office and/or IT rental and applicable taxes, and daily allowance.
  • Trainees are considered to have prior proper knowledge of the subject (3D Mapping / Mobile Mapping / Oblique / UAS / Indoor Mapping / 3D Mapping / Reality Capture) and general understanding of GIS, LiDAR and Imagery.

The training agenda is prepared in concertation with the customer to fully accomodate for the needs of the trainees.

Maintenance and Upgrades

In general, a purchase of a Desktop or Server product comes with 1 year of maintenance included.  This allows  to download and install upgrades released within that period.  For extended Maintenance, contact your Orbit GT Representative.

For more details, please consult the MSA (Master Service Agreement) or contact our your Orbit GT Representative.

Purchase of a subscription on our SaaS platform 3D Mapping Cloud includes all upgrades to the platform as long as your subscription is active.  Additional services and/or features may be subject to supplementary purchase.

Success Services

It is Orbit GT’s most important goal to make our customer successful.  Our Success Services are intended to provide ample instruments to achieve this goal.

Orbit GT Customer Success Consultants can help improve your business efficiency using their vast experience and in depth knowledge of the Orbit GT portfolio and the countless real life implementations.  Feel free to request a quote form our Sales Team or your Orbit GT Representative.

Plugin Development

The Orbit 3DM Publisher and Orbit 3D Mapping Cloud come with a 3D Mapping Viewer SDK including 3 API’s for the development of embedded solutions.  Documentation is available on our Developer Zone, access to which is provided after online registration and agreement with the terms and conditions.

Have a look here on what you can achieve with the freely available plugins, built using this SDK.

Access to Developer Zone, Plugins and SDK are free for use, development and deployment.  Contact us for more information.

Need more information ?

Take a look at out Success Services overview.

Your Orbit GT Representative and our sales team are ready to inform you.