Come and visit our booth at the Commercial UAV Expo in Brussels! We will present our well-known UAS Mapping desktop product (v17.1) and focus of course on our collaboration platform “3D Mapping Cloud”: the primary way to share Mobile, Terrestrial, Indoor, UAV and Oblique Mapping data, via any browser, any platform, via plugins and integrations in any 3rd party application.

UAS Mapping


Being experts in the management of big data in domains of Mobile Mapping, UAS Mapping, Oblique Mapping and Indoor Mapping, a cloud based product is the logical next step.  It is our strong belief that anyone using large volumes of point clouds and/or imagery will be thrilled by this product. The flexible, versatile, and hardware neutral solution is exactly what many organizations have been waiting for. The 3D Mapping Cloud is a self-managed solution to exploit vast volumes of 3D Mapping data, typically collected as LiDAR or Image data.  This product brings the ease of sharing, re-use, fusion or sources and integration of petabytes of data accessible for everyone in the business, from high-end engineering point cloud streaming to publishing up-to-date imagery for the public at large.

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Visit us in the heart of Brussels : SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre

Tuesday June 20th: 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Wednesday June 21st: 8:00am – 7:00pm
Thursday June 22nd: 8:00am – 4:00pm


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Glass Entrance
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B-1000 Brussels, BELGIUM

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Orbit GT Commercial UAV Expo, Brussels, Belgium
Mobile Mapping Redefines Pavement Marking Inventory in Ohio

Mobile Mapping Redefines Pavement Marking Inventory in Ohio

It began with the Richland County Ohio Engineer’s office. They set out to inventory and inspect all their roadway pavement markings. The Richland County Engineer, Adam Gove, P.E., P.S., stated, “When evaluating the condition of our County Roads, it became clear that our pavement marking inventory was out of date. We did not have an effective way of tracking which roads had pavement markings, when they were last repainted, and ...
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At MasterMind, we saw so much potential for the U.S. County governments to utilize the 3D Mapping Cloud along with the 3DM Plugin for ArcMap, that as of May 28th, 2019, MasterMind teamed with Orbit GT to become an official reseller for Orbit GT software. We look forward to continually spreading the word and praise of Orbit GT’s mobile mapping software, along with mobile mapping in general.
Nicholas Hickman, President and co-founder of MasterMind, LCC

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