Orbit GT Michael Baker and BPG Designs optimize workflow and processes for Telco Industry


Mobile technology has changed the way humanity navigates its future. In the palm of our hands we are now integrated with all the people we know and don’t know through social media applications, we have integrated our work spaces with our home, and we can even track our geographic position and plot the quickest route to work. Why are we not as successfully integrated at work when it comes to the technology solutions we leverage every day to satisfy our client’s needs? It baffles me that we live in this world of “workplace technology interplay denial.”


Orbit GT provided a software solution that “plays nice” with the others. Orbit Feature Extraction immediately became our go to solution for LiDAR feature extraction, replacing other unstable programs. Orbit also provided Mobile Mapping plugins for ArcGIS and AutoCAD that fit seamlessly into our workflow, and the Mobile Mapping Publisher software was the perfect tool to present our LiDAR data to end users, both inside and outside of our company. But the real magic started when we began to integrate Orbit, SQL Server, and ArcGIS…


Orbit Feature Extraction has now gone from “just an extraction software” to the highly integrated backbone of our department. Orbit did not drive, or change, our workflow. Instead, it nestled itself right into all aspects of it, and some places that we did not even anticipate. Orbit even managed to integrate aspects of our work that we couldn’t have done without it.

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