The right tools for every professional UAS mapping business

Orbit GT’s UAS Mapping solutions are a series of impressive products for all professional UAV systems engaged in mapping. Based on our years of experience in high precision UAS mapping, this software covers the complete UAS workflow for advanced mapping and feature extraction using imagery, LiDAR and dense matched point clouds.

UAS Mapping solutions


Orbit UAS Mapping comes with an easy-to-use procedure to import processed UAS Imagery and/or LiDAR data. Bundled with a powerful GIS engine, the software allows to visualize the flight plan, source imagery, the derived orthophoto and pointcloud, and get insight in the difference between the raw and processed orientations.

Measure & extract

Using the advanced measure techniques for points, lines, areas and volumes, vector data can be extracted to feed into GIS or CAD. Intelligent thinning, selection and cleaning processes can be executed to optimize or export the pointcloud.


Orbit’s UAS Mapping portfolio provides the tools to publish UAS Mapping content and extracted features & assets online or integrated in 3rd party software. A comprehensive catalog helps to overview, manage, and archive UAS projects and upload the right project to share via View, Share and Analyse your UAS Mapping resources from any webbrowser, app, or 3rd party software plugin.

View & overlay

Any supported geodata file or webbased resource can be combined with the uas data and overlaid on the orthophoto, stereomap and pointcloud. The pointcloud can be visualized in full 3D using the extensive legend parameters. Use it to make an impressive flythrough movie of the covered area. If available, mobile or terrestrial scanned data can be added to an integrated view.

Contours, profiles, volumes, clash detection

Based on the generated DEM, the volumetric analysis tool calculates volumes and compares volumes over time. Contour maps can be generated in a click. The advanced profile and cross section tools view, analyse, export and report profiles in detail. The Profile tools can be used in combination with the feature extraction. Clash detection is easy to use and checks collisions with any form over any 3D path, for example power lines, in seconds.


Orbit’s Publishing SDKs and APIs allow anyone to access UAS mapping content from within their workflow, business intelligence tools, or any host such as your favorite GIS or CAD system e.g. ArcGIS, ArcOnline, AutoCAD, QGIS, MicroStation and more.
UAS Mapping version 17 available02

Orbit UAS Mapping

Advanced Desktop Platform for Feature Extraction

View, Check, Combine, Measure, Extract, Profile, Volume, Contour, Upload


Cloud platform for UAS Mapping

View, Share and Analyse 3D Mapping resources from any webbrowser, app, or 3rd party software plugin.