Orbit GT Orbit GT launches 3D Mapping plugin for Esri ArcMap, updates ArcPro and ArcOnline plugins

Orbit GT launches the Esri ArcMap plugin for its 3D Mapping portfolio.

“Our 3D Mapping front-end is now free available off the shelf for Esri’s ArcMap, “Says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. “Next to plugins for ArcOnline and ArcGIS Pro, we now additionally provide a ready-to-use plugin for ArcMap upon popular request.”

The 3D Mapping Viewer plugins for Esri platforms provide intuitive access to rich massive 3D data such as street-level imagery, terabytes of point clouds, aerial oblique imagery and much more.  The Viewer is neatly integrated into Esri’s host platforms to provide for optimal user experience. Plugins are based on version 19.6 of Orbit GT’s 3D Mapping portfolio.

Join us for a demo at the Esri UC on booth 437.

Plugins are available for download today at https://orbitgt.com/products/3dm-plugins/

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Gentry Nissen and Brandon Sisco of BPG Designs

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