Orbit GT Mobile Mapping Redefines Pavement Marking Inventory in Ohio


It began with the Richland County Ohio Engineer’s office. They set out to inventory and inspect all their roadway pavement markings. The Richland County Engineer, Adam Gove, P.E., P.S., stated, “When evaluating the condition of our County Roads, it became clear that our pavement marking inventory was out of date. We did not have an effective way of tracking which roads had pavement markings, when they were last repainted, and what type of material was used when last applied…”.


It was an easy choice for us at MasterMind to choose Orbit GT software as our go to mobile mapping software for the Richland County project. Orbit 3DM Content Manager offered ease of integration for our MasterMind custom mobile mapping system. The Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Pro software offered an extensive amount of asset inventory capabilities. Impressively, Orbit GT also offered a powerful yet simple delivery platform with the 3D Mapping Cloud.


In conclusion, our MasterMind mobile mapping vehicle performed the Richland County pavement marking inventory study quickly and accurately with no accidents nor resident complaints. We delivered the final asset data to Richland County in our MasterSuite asset data management software.

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